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On-the-Job Injury? Call Our Georgia Income Benefits Lawyers

Few of us can go weeks without income to pay our mortgage, rent or utility bills. Under Georgia's workers' compensation law, you are entitled to receive income benefits. At Gregory Smith Law, LLC we won't let employers or their insurance companies get away with paying you less than the maximum weekly income benefit check you are legally entitled to.

Temporary Total Disability

If your on-the-job injury prevents you from working, you are entitled to receive a weekly income benefit check (temporary total disability) in the amount of two-thirds of your average weekly wage, up to the maximum allowed by law. The attorneys at Gregory Smith Law, LLC will make sure that you receive your temporary total disability check on time, every week, as long as you are eligible.

Temporary Partial Disability

When your work-related injury allows you to return to "light duty" work that pays less than your usual wage, or if you do not work the same number of hours, you may be eligible to receive temporary partial disability payments in addition to the wages from your employer.

Permanent Partial Disability

If you have suffered the permanent loss of use of any part of your body, you are entitled to receive permanent partial disability payments. Our attorneys will work with your physician(s) to make sure that you receive an accurate permanent impairment rating, ensuring that you get the maximum allowable payment.

What To Do If Your Claim Has Been Denied

If your claim has been denied, contact one of our experienced attorneys immediately. We will investigate your claim, request a hearing, and push your case forward.

Contact Our Augusta Disability Income Attorneys

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