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Injuries require medical care, and if your injury occurred in the workplace, you have the right to receive workers' compensation medical treatment. In Georgia, every employer who is required to offer workers' compensation is also required to have a list of doctors, called a Posted Panel of Physicians, who are authorized to treat employees who have been injured on the job. At Gregory Smith Law, LLC in Augusta, we help people who have suffered a work-related injury by ensuring that they get the best medical treatment possible.

Finding a Doctor

If you have been injured, it is extremely important that you get immediate medical attention. The first thing your employer should do is show you the Panel of Physicians. Our workers' compensation medical benefits attorneys will make sure you were given a correct and valid choice of doctors. Why is this important? If your employer's Panel of Physicians is invalid, you have the right to choose your own doctor which the insurance company must pay for.

Changing Doctors

Seeing a doctor you don't know and have never seen before can be difficult. If you are not happy with the first doctor you see, you are allowed one "free change" to another doctor on the employer's Panel of Physicians. If you feel uncomfortable with the first doctor, talk to Augusta workers' compensation medical benefits attorney Gregory Smith. We will make sure that you have the opportunity to see a new doctor without feeling intimidated and help you choose the right doctor for your injury.

Your Right to an Independent Medical Exam

Are you already seeing a doctor for your work-related injury, but have been denied treatment or surgery you feel you need? If you are receiving income benefits, you also have the right to an independent medical exam, or IME, with another doctor of your choice. Based on the information or diagnosis from the IME, our attorneys may request that a different doctor take over your treatment.

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