Georgia Workers' Compensation

If You Have Been Injured on the Job, the Augusta Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you get hurt at work, here is what could happen: Your employer might not write up the injury. Your supervisor might not make an incident report. The insurance company may deny your claim for no valid reason. And the insurance company might be undervaluing your work accident claim or refusing to settle. Those are all reasons why you need an experienced, dedicated workers' compensation attorney on your side. At Gregory Smith Law, LLC in Augusta, we practice workers' compensation law exclusively, and have been for more than 19 years.

We Make Sure You Get Everything You Are Entitled to Under the Law

In Georgia, every business that has three or more employees is required to provide workers' compensation benefits. As Georgia workers' compensation attorneys, we are committed to protecting your rights if you have suffered an on-the-job injury. We see to it that you receive income benefits, whether a weekly income-replacement check for temporary total disability or payment based on the degree of a permanent partial disability. We also make sure that you are getting the proper medical benifits including treatment from a specialist, if needed. Attorney Gregory Smith will vigorously pursue your claim for workplace injuries including:

  • Catastrophic Injuries - we make sure you get all you need when your injury is so severe that you will never be able to return to work including lifetime income and medical benefits, housing and transportation modifications and job re-training benefits.
  • Head and brain injuries — including any necessary medical treatment from a neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist or other specialist Back and neck injuries - including herniated disc whether caused by trauma or repetitive strain
  • Knee, ankle and leg injuries - including torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in the knee or torn meniscus
  • Arm, hand and shoulder injuries — including amputation of a finger or torn rotator cuff
  • Burn injuries — including chemical burns
  • Chronic pain - including "failed back syndrome" and complex regional pain syndrome
  • Aggravation of preexisting conditions - if you experience a workplace injury, you still have a case even if you had a preexisting condition

Superadded Injuries - a superadded injury results as a natural consequence of the original work place injury.

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